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We Must Be More Creative In Making Passwords

When creating a password, I recommend never using only words in the dictionary. This is because there is a way to crack the password by using a collection of words that have been formed into a file, the file will be read and tried everything until it gets into your account. The words in the file are mostly taken from the dictionary, so if one of the words in the file matches the password in your account, then you are finished. If it happened, and a hacker damaged your PC, we suggest you bring it to Computer Repair Arlington TX.

Furthermore, there are actually a lot of characters on the computer, not just on the keyboard, even Arabic letters you can use as your password. By using difficult characters, the hacker will need a very long time in brute-force your password and may be frustrated because the password that is searched is not found. Just imagine, in membrane-force a password with upper and lower case letters, plus special characters and numbers (0-9) on the keyboard, the computer must try approximately 1,001,129,150,390,625 passwords. Of course, it will take a very long time, especially if the password is added with letters that are not on the keyboard (eg Arabic letters, and emoticons), maybe the password will not be found.