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Various Basic Archery Techniques For Beginners

Hunting is an archery activity that requires separate equipment compared to archery in general. Hunting usually uses a crossbow or best tactical crossbow. Now, as a beginner, it’s not just shooting arrows, but there are basic techniques that must be mastered first.

Before aiming at the target, you should first master things like stance, nocking the arrow, set, set-up, draw, anchor, and transfer.

• Aim
Shooting often makes the archer not pay attention to other techniques. Because if you focus too much on the target, you forget the technique of positioning your elbows, hands, waist, shoulders, etc. Even if the fissure is right in the middle, if the technique is chaotic, the arrow will also run out of shape. Moreover, if aiming it for too long, the muscle that holds the string will get tired, automatically the release will also not correct. Accuracy is a mess.

• Release

The back muscles continue to pull the string, not stopping, but at a very slow speed. Then relax the finger muscles that hold the string. If drawing / pulling string stops, it’s called dead release/plucking. The point will affect accuracy.

• Follow-Through
Follow-through is an indication of the previous process. Not what should be done by force. If the steps above are done correctly then the follow-through will be good and looks natural. Characteristics of a good follow-through right hand not far from the neck. But it is also not dead release or plucking. The hand holding the bow should not be dropped/changed its position until the arrow is waiting in the cushion.

Follow through position. Note the position of the right hand that is not far from the neck. If you use a stabilizer and hold the bow with an open hand technique, the bow will fall forward because the front of the bow is heavy.

Practicing archery diligently is very important to continuously improve your archery skills. As a beginner, you can also find an archery community or even nothing you can learn self-taught through YouTube.