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These Are Some Causes Of Drastic Weight Gain In A Short Time

Do not feel the routine is different from usual, or overeating from previous weeks but the weight can go up suddenly would make panic. Unplanned weight gain can be a sign of a health condition. Therefore you need to improve your lifestyle, and you may also need to read the resurge review to find the excellent weight loss supplement.

So what health conditions can cause weight gain suddenly and drastically?

Disorders of the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a gland that functions to produce thyroid hormones in the body. The thyroid hormone itself plays an important role in regulating metabolism and digestion in the body. When the thyroid gland is disturbed, this gland cannot produce thyroid hormones in normal amounts so your metabolism will be disrupted.

This condition will actually occur naturally in older women. Slowing metabolism will result in sudden weight gain. Usually, patients who experience this condition will be given drugs to stimulate thyroid hormones in the body.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus

If you have diabetes mellitus and take insulin treatment to control your blood sugar, don’t be surprised if you suddenly gain weight. Although food intake is well regulated, diabetics who are given insulin injections have the potential to gain weight. The hormone insulin that is injected can affect your appetite and regulate the amount of fat in the body, so it is not impossible if you gain weight suddenly.


As we get older, the muscle mass in the body will decrease. In fact, burning calories is mostly done in the muscles, so if someone experiences a reduction in muscle mass, then indirectly the calories that will be burned every day will be reduced. Decreased ability to burn calories is certainly an effect on one’s weight. Intake which is usually eaten every day can not be burned so it builds up in the body and makes weight gain.

Perform treatment using steroids

Steroids are a type of drug also known as corticosteroids and are used to overcome several problems in the body such as asthma and joint inflammation. One side effect of using this steroid drug is an increase in appetite. Increased appetite without being accompanied by regular exercise will make weight gain quickly.