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Some Mistakes That Are Often Made When Bathing

One of the routines that are often done every day is bathing. Starting from infants to adults will definitely do this routine. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the correct way to bathe, even though they already have elegant learn more here. In fact, bathing is the main key before doing the routine. Mistakes, when bathing can have an impact on every day, the most felt, is the skin becomes dry.

Bathing is an activity that is sometimes done twice a day by some people. But instead of taking care of the skin, bathing can actually cause other risks due to incorrect application. Dry and itchy skin is a common risk for those who bathe but in the wrong way.

So that these risks do not occur, you should avoid mistakes when bathing as follows.

1. Use hot water
There are two problems that can arise from using hot water when bathing. Bathing with hot water can remove the skin’s natural protective oils. In addition, hot water can trigger blood circulation in the skin. The result is the skin will actually turn red.

2. Take a shower for too long
Many people think that bathing too much can make skin super clean, even though it isn’t. Human skin has a unique structure, which if exposed to water for a long time it will be damaged. Ideally, a maximum shower should be done for 7 minutes, and a maximum of 10 minutes. More than this, the skin will become damaged quickly.

3. Let the soap stick long
Sometimes, so that the effects of soap can be felt, the soap foam is then left for a long time to stick to the skin. What follows is the skin that loses its natural protective form of oil. The result, the skin will be dry and rough. This happens because usually there are artificial active compounds in the soap that can interfere with the performance of the skin.

4. Lather all over the body
Soap is designed to remove dirt and oil. Well, the skin on the hands and feet can not produce oil in large quantities. Therefore, it is not recommended to clean the skin of the hands and feet every day. Better, focus on the face, armpits, buttocks, thighs, and soles of the feet.

5. Wash your hair every day
How many times do you wash your hair, every day? If so, you should stop this habit. According to hair experts, the correct way to wash hair properly is twice a week. In a sense, washing the hair using shampoo. This is needed so that the hair can still produce oil so that it can create balanced moisture.