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According to some experts, the act of possessing arises because a person has a strong belief in religion and beliefs, and he has great powers of suggestion and psychology. From what someone believes about spirits and the like, as well as the power that can enter humans, then unconsciously, he suggests himself behave strangely and finally called possessed. Unfortunately, if you have a feeling that your possession case is caused by evil entities, we suggest you go to reiki toronto.

Even someone who works at the Vatican named Gary Thomas said that 90 percent of people who possessed were not possessed by demons or spirits but rather needed psychological help.

Community trust in the power of demons or spirits that can enter the human body gets stronger when there are many films both on the big screen or TV series or also titled reality shows showing and blowing up these things, the more people believe.

Psychologists and those involved in the medical world say that people who are considered possessed are not actually possessed by spirits or demons but rather suffer from what is called psychosis.

Psychosis itself has several branches such as hallucinations, catatonia, strange thoughts to delusions.

In medical terms, the act of possession is also called by the name of possession trans or a change of personal identity with a new identity that ultimately the person is acting strangely or also saying things that do not make sense.