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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Shower

Most modern homes today have shower sets in their bathrooms. Many benefits can be obtained when using a shower. By using a shower, you can save water as well. Also, water that comes out of the shower contains more negative ions that are beneficial to the skin of the body. Therefore, the body will feel more relaxed and refreshed when bathing using a shower.

Bathroom showers have a variety of types, some of the most commonly used include wall showers and hand showers. Bathroom shower sizes also vary, you can adjust it to the needs or size of the bathroom. Similarly, the price of a bathroom shower varies depending on the quality and brand.

In addition to paying attention to the type, size, and price of a bathroom shower, there are several other tips that you must know before or when choosing a bathroom shower. Check out the full tips below!

1. For economical reasons, avoid using the shower wall
As explained earlier, one of the advantages of using a bathroom shower is to save water. For this reason, the use of a wall shower is not recommended. The position of the wall shower permanently attached to the wall makes you unable to regulate its use and a lot of water will be wasted.

Instead, you better use a hand shower. You can adjust the volume of water coming out of the hand shower. Besides hand shower can be directed to certain body parts, so it is more effective and saves water.

2. Check the drains
The use of effective shower showers must also be balanced with good drainage conditions. The flow of water needed by the shower tends to be faster, so it needs drains with good conditions or is not obstructed.

It’s good for you guys to regularly clean the bathroom shower drains. Make sure there isn’t anything like dirt or hairs that can clog the water from the shower. Checking and cleaning the condition of the drains in the bathroom shower is also intended so that the water that comes out of the shower is clean water, without mixing with dirt.

3. Choose a shower with adjustable water spray
Some bathroom showers have the additional function of being a body reflection tool. To carry out this function, then choose a bathroom shower with adjustable water spray. You can freely adjust the strength or weakness of the pressure to the volume of water released by the bathroom shower. Shower with a spray that can be arranged is very suitable for use at home because children to the elderly can still use it comfortably.

4. Choose the Shower with the Best Material
The important thing to consider when choosing a bathroom shower is its material. Shower material that is less goodwill also affects the quality of the water it releases. Shower bathroom with iron material should be avoided. Shower bathroom with iron material tends to rust easily, it can cause water that is scented with iron and dangerous if swallowed or exposed to the skin.

For safer use, use a shower with high-quality plastic material or a stainless steel shower. Besides being safe to use, these two ingredients also tend to be more durable and long-lasting.

5. Choose a Shower with an Affordable Price
The last tip when choosing a bathroom shower is the price of the shower. No need to worry, there are now many good quality bathroom showers sold at affordable prices. All you have to do is adjust it to your budget and needs. You can still use the shower and feel the benefits without fear of leaking bags.