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4 Tips For A Healthy Life After Undergo Ovarian Cyst Surgery

After doing a check-up at the OBGYN Centre Of Excellence and you found that the cyst lump did not go away even continued to grow in your reproductive system, inevitably you have to undergo ovarian cyst surgery. But wait, your struggle is still not finished even though the operation was successfully carried out. So, what should be done to accelerate healing after ovarian cyst surgery?

This is a healthy lifestyle after an ovarian cyst surgery
There are 2 types of ovarian cyst surgery methods, namely by laparoscopy and laparotomy. Regardless of which surgical method you choose to get rid of ovarian cysts, the recovery process is still the same. To recover quickly and completely recover, you should apply the following set of lifestyle after ovarian cyst surgery:

1. Follow the rules of the daily diet
Whether because of the effects of surgery, medicine, or indeed the condition of the body that has not fully recovered, it seems you are very lazy to eat regularly. The stomach feels like it’s still full which finally makes you so no appetite to eat.
Daily food intake acts as a fuel, which will contribute some energy to support the healing process after ovarian cyst surgery. Likewise, drinking plenty of fluids is needed to keep the body hydrated optimally. Automatically, the recovery process will be hampered if the main needs are not met properly.

2. Total rest
Surgical procedures for removing ovarian cysts usually involve the use of anesthesia or general anesthesia in the body. The side effects of anesthesia in each patient are not the same, depending on the condition of the patient’s body. Sometimes, you may feel so weak that it’s hard to think clearly after ovarian cyst surgery.

These side effects usually will not last long and can disappear immediately within 24 hours postoperatively. That is why at this time you are not encouraged to do a lot of activity first.

3. Don’t forget to take the medication schedule
After the ovarian cyst surgery is complete, your doctor may prescribe several types of medication according to the conditions and needs of your body. One of them is like a painkiller to help deal with the pain that often appears in the surgical suture.

Observe and obey the rules of consumption and time to take medication. If necessary, you can make special reminders so you do not forget to take your medication schedule on the sidelines of the recovery process.

4. Perform the examination back to the doctor
Further examination of the doctor has become commonplace that must be done about a week after ovarian cyst surgery. Your doctor will check the extent of your health development, as well as to detect if there may still be problems with the reproductive organs.

Some stitches can usually heal by themselves. While other stitches, sometimes must be removed or followed up by a doctor. The key is to obey all doctor’s advice.